7 Most Dangerous Insect Around The World

The most dangerous flea around the world, you should have known that sweeps across our earth.

7 Most Dangerous Insect Around The World

Wait a minutes! You aren't aware of how dangerous these top 7 list of creepy insects are?

7.  Japanese Giant Hornets

This hornets are highly aggressive, they transmit painful sting when beaten and very fearsome in nature. According to research, this Japanese giant hornets are capable of hunting and consuming up to at least 50 honey bees a day. The venoms of this Hornets is known to destroy red blood cells and those with inflammatory allergies can be killed by its bite.

As it increase and spread in numbers, they have now made nests in England, France and other countries in Asia. It's venom attacks the nervous system and create a damage of tissues of its victims and a result of this, as sent 100 of Japanese to the hospital and have killed at least 40 people in Japan every year.

The Japanese Giant Hornets also causes renal failure and are attracted to sweet flavours, smells, alcohol and very sensitive to swarm an attack in when animals or people run.

6. Chigoe flea

Image is subject to copyright Unlike the other flea, the chigoe flea are very known to spread diseases, reproduce 50-100 parasitic fleas in human body spreading around the body and cause a decay of flesh to the affected skin, if not treated. This flea caused a black death that ravaged Europe during the middle ages.

The flea which causes inflammatory skin diseases is usually found in areas where the land mass is occupied with plenty sand like the beach, also in sub-saharan Africa of much sandy areas. They cohabit in most tropical and subtropical climates.

According to Wikipedia - Tungasis is an inflammatory skin disease caused by infection with the female. The symptoms of this disease include severe pruritus, pain, inflammation and swelling, lesions and ulcerations leaving black dots in the center. The flea hides inside the sand and enter the human skin when sense a skin contact without the victim feeling pain.

5.  Botfly

The botfly which its botanically called Dermatobia hominid unleashes its parasitic horror on mammal's victims and only reproduces by allowing its eggs to grow on human skin, burrow deep and eventually grow into Larva. This transmission of eggs into human skin is done as its catches a mosquito as host and implant with eggs, then the mosquito when they go to feed on mammal or in most cases human deposit the eggs into an open wound. This can cause human to feel a disgusting pain of the Larva in the skin. They are usually treated with petroleum gel applied around the wound that suffocates the invaders so that they can be removed. Some of this Botfly target the human intestine which are those kind that feed on horses.

4.  Killer Bees

The killer bees with records has earned its fearsome reputation, their sting on human is almost as deadly as a western honey bee, which are very aggressive, sending many from the colony to repeatedly sting their victims. The killer bees are relentless that sometimes they completely abandon their nests to pursue an enemy. These bees were created by crossbreeding in the 1950's when the Brazilian's scientist crossbreed the Southern-American honey bee with the European honey bee in an attempt to create a more suitable bee to the South American climate, some were accidentally released in 1957 in Southern America which has no problem breeding and multiplying . This killer bees have also inherited the aggressive personality and known to respond to sounds, vibrations from equipments, vehicles and pedestrians.

3.  Kissing Bugs

The kissing bugs are not as innocent as they sound but are very deadly and have tendency to spread the terrible disease called Chagas Disease  to human population, they feed on human blood and at same times capable of transmitting the disease.

Their names are gotten from the tendency to bite humans near the blood vessel-rich areas of the eyes or lips causing the place to be swollen. They are mostly found in warm climates.

2.  Bullet Ant

This is known as the world's most painful insect on earth when beaten by it. It is a pain you never want to experience as it pain is excruciating in human and last for over 24 hours after being stung, which is why its been called hormiga veinticuatro meaning the "24-hour ant". The pain of this insect can be equated to the pain of a bullet after being shot.

​​​​​​The sting of a Bullet Ant don't directly affect your lung or heart but hurts so much.

1.  Mosquito

The mosquito according to research are one of the most deadly creatures on the entire planet, they accomplish by spreading diseases such as tularemia, west nile virus and malaria that can cripple a human population especially in areas where medical treatment is unavailable. The male mosquito's feeds on plant nettles, while the female feeds on blood as their eggs grows and can consume up to three times her own weight in blood just to nourish them, this blood replenish in most working bodies.

Mosquito's are attracted to and lay their eggs where there is still water such as flooded sinks or buckets, they are very good at locating human target using Carbon dioxide, they can even sense our body heat to know exactly where to draw blood. This insects are very known to killing almost exactly a million people a year . As it turns out, Dragonflies maybe

our best friend as they hunt hundreds of the mosquito's per hunt.

Which insect are you the most afraid of? 

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