The Power Of The Mind

The powerhouse that makes up human

The Power Of The Mind
The game of chess is a game of the mind

Elaborating the mind power will reveal to you the power you possess. The mind is the powerhouse of a human that produces the outcome reality of human personalities, achievements and success. Just like a moving machine, the powerhouse is the "engine" without its engine there are no moving machines so as human. The reality of innovations, inventions, ideas, love, hate, deceit and many more of humans emanate from the powerhouse of the body "the mind".

It is an engine that works when it's being engaged, Literally, the mind is what makes a functions limitelesly without having to procreate. The mind is always proactive, the manner at which you engaged in the same manner of result you get. The mind can be engaged positively to get a positive outcome and also negatively to get a negative outcome. 

Every human current status quo either socially, morally, intellectually, financially, psychologically or spiritually also as far as achievements, recognitions, innovations, inventions and a lot more is a product of how much you engaged 'your' or 'the' mind.

Taking for instance, your current predicament is a result of the negative/less engagement of your mind and retrospectively, your outstanding achievement or success in life is a positive productivity of a consistent engagement of the mind.

The reality of life today is built on the " power of the mind" of human deposited by a 'celestial being' 'God' even 'God' engaged the power of his mind to create human out of his own image as human created "Super Artificial Intelligent" like the "Robots" and also formed the earth, created the 'sea and its habitat, 'the air and its habitat', 'the trees and its habitat' and a lot more as they are being founded by Astrologers.

The Mind And Its Branches

#1 The mind to create

The creativity of human falls into the branch of the mind to create, every human have the possession of this but almost many don't engage it. The creativity of human mind falls into the class of innovations, inventions that is a product of seamless 'thoughts' and acted upon gives a result. For example:

• God - with his creative mind, created the earth and its habitat and formed man out of his image.

• Human - with their creative mind, invented the 'moving machines like motors, aircraft, spacecraft' and the 'Super Intelligence like the Robots'.

#2 The mind to relate

This aspect of mind falls into the class of relationship. Human basically develops this mindset to relate with people either as an acquaintance, friends, loved ones or family. This branch of mind has sort of an 'immune' syndrome that stimulates human feelings to develop either love or hate. So of the recent, this class of mind is a major dominant of other classes for "relationship" is widely practised by every human on earth either to flirt, date, friendship or marry. For example:

• God - with his relating mind, occasionally visit Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to interact.

• Human - with their relating mind, interact and develop either good or bad feelings for each other that could either make or destroy them.

#3 The mind to succeed

Every successful human on earth engaged his or her mind to relentless positive beliefs to get the desired result. The inventor of the bulb "Thomas Edison" failed nine hundred and ninety-nine times but never gave up at the last time to make it his thousand trial, he succeeded and got the formula and now he his an icon even in the grave. The success mindset is being geared up by vision, commitment and determination. For example:

• God - For he his "a celestial being" succeeded in the creation of the earth and its habitat.

• Human - For they are being with no 'celestial trait' succeeds only with a relentless and consistent positive trial to a goal.

The above are a few highlight of 'the mind and its branches'

The Mind and its Benefits

There are a lot of benefits when you engage your human mind in a positive approach...the results are always overwhelming. Few benefits are;

• Success - The primary way of succeeding is a relentless engaging of the mind positively. 

• Legacy - Another benefit of a positive engagement of the mind produces Legacy. Most human really doesn't give attention to a good legacy but it is what "tells of who you were" before leaving earth.